Shelf Improvement Book Club: "LONG DAYS JOURNEY INTO NIGHT"

Join Elliot for four delightful audio sessions, sold as a complete set and delivered to you in four parts as they are recorded and produced.
Approximate release date of Session 1 is mid January, 2022.
Session 1:
Eugene O'Neill: His Early Life 

Session 2:
The Conflicts Within

Session 3:
The Ineffectual Confessional

Session 4:
Questions and Answers --
You submit questions after Session 3 and Elliot will answer them!

You have a choice of two ways to participate: 

Digital Streaming: 
Four on-line audio programs to stream on demand. Each session is made available for streaming as soon as it is finished, and the entire series will be available to stream for six months after the final installment is released. Darian will provide you with a link to access each audio file, and she will provide support if you are new to streaming.

Physical CDs: 
Four audio CDs mailed to your door. Darian will mail each one to you separately, as soon as it is finished. Because this option takes more time to produce, CDs may release slightly later than streaming files.

Once registered, you will become a part of our special LONG DAYS group and receive exclusive content via email, including progress updates, behind-the-scenes information, and of course support for those enjoying on-demand streaming.

If you join us after the series has begun, you will receive all sessions that have been released, so you can quickly catch up with the group.
While they will probably be re-released at some time in the future, the SHELF IMPROVEMENT series are meant to be enjoyed like a book club and will no longer be available after completion.

If you are considering registering for the streaming option but haven't ever streamed before and want to "try it out" first, click the test link below to listen to a snippet of Elliot:


For streaming help, go to this page

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