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April 2020 Conference - Save The Dates!

Our Capital Conference in Washington DC was a complete “triumph”— well, that is our modest assessment of the weekend, anyway! We are currently basking in the afterglow of all the warmth our delightful attendees provided every day of our convention. Honestly, Elliot was a bit nervous about giving three new lectures in less than twenty-four hours, but our guests made him feel so appreciated with their enthusiastic reaction to all three that he loved every minute of it.


We can’t tell you quite yet the location of our next conference, but, just like couples send out “Save The Date” notices for their upcoming unions, we are asking you to Save The Dates for our next RE-union: 
We sincerely hope that, in the words of the wondrous MOON RIVER, “wherever we’re goin’, you’re goin’ our way”!
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