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Travel With Professor Engel

Join us as we explore new cities and learn, laugh, and have fun together!

Dear Professor Engel followers and travel lovers:

For over thirty years, Professor Engel has led fun-loving, curious groups on tours of cities worldwide while delighting and enlightening them with his knowledge and humor pertinent to the area. We stay together at a luxurious hotel, eat delicious meals, enjoy outings and tours, and of course experience Elliot's witty presentations along the way. 

We just returned from a lovely, blossom-filled visit to Savannah, Georgia, and Elliot and I are already busily choosing the next destination. Have I enticed you yet? If you are not already receiving our email newletters, click the red "Join Elliot's Email List" button at the bottom right. Additionally, you can email or call me and let me know you are specifically interested in our tours, and I'll be sure you are among the first to know about the next one.

With Great Expectations, Darian

darian@ProfessorEngel.com or 800-392-4434