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How long has Elliot been doing this?

It all began as a Charles Dickens reading group called the Dickens Disciples back in 1980 with thirty members. We offer many different programs and release new ones occasionally. We are a community of literature and history enthusiasts from all 50 states and many foreign countries.

Does Professor Engel really write all of the programs? Where does he find his information?

Every word of Dr. Engel’s programs originates in his laborious library research which can take from six to eighteen months to prepare. He truly has a gift of unearthing little-known facts and combining them to create the programs you love.

What makes his programs different from others?

Perhaps it is Dr. Engel’s unique combination of biographical anecdotes and pervasive sense of humor which distinguishes his lectures from all others. Also, his enthusiasm for the topics he covers seems to be downright contagious. We are told all the time from listeners that if Elliot had been their English college professor, they would have paid far more attention in class and be more knowledgeable in literary subjects today.

Will Dr. Engel come speak to my group?

He is always eager to find new audiences for his programs and can be contacted directly via phone (919-676-9909) or his email (huffam@me.com). Because his schedule is very hectic and so many factors go into each speaking gig, he encourages you to contact him no matter what size the group and see what happens.

Should I buy a CD or DVD or download?

ALL of our programs are available on CD and are very handy to listen in your car, home, or on your computer. If you prefer to receive your program immediately or would like to add Dr Engel to your iTunes collection, we offer downloads. We have a limited amount of DVDs as they were primarily created with teachers in mind. DVDs can be watched on your television or computer and are especially helpful with children that like visual programs. Both formats have long shelf lives and can be used over and over again.

Will my CD play in a DVD player and vice versa?

Most NEW DVD players will play the audio sound only of your CD. You should check the documentation that came with your DVD player to see if it can play CDs. It’s very tough to keep up with all the technical advancements for every model.

What is a Download?

Our Audio Downloads are available for many of our most popular programs. You must order them from our website and then follow the directions to download directly to your computer for your listening pleasure. Once you save on your computer, you can transfer to your IPad, IPhone or the gadget of your choice. They are the same exact information found on our CDs. Once you purchase and download, that program is yours forever.

What do I do if my item is broken or doesn’t play?

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy. Simply contact Darian and she will send you a full replacement or full refund. You don’t even have to return the damaged product. We don’t want it! Simply throw it away and wait for your new one to arrive in the mail.

Is there a correct way to remove CDs and DVDs from their cases?

YES! PUSH the center release button and it will pop right out. DO NOT grab the disc by the edge and force it out. 

What are all my mailing options?

We send all of our packages through the US Postal Service with a choice of First Class, Priority Mail, or Priority Express. If you need a different option, call Darian and she’ll be glad to help you.

What if my question has not been answered here?

Darian will answer it or find the answer. Call her at 800-392-4434 or email her at darian@professorengel.com .

Is ProfessorEngel.com the same as AuthorsInk.com?

ProfessorEngel.com is a replacement for the AuthorsInk.com website. Authors Ink, Inc is the company that sells products and services for Dr. Elliot Engel, a former Professor of English Literature. We created ProfessorEngel.com as an easier-to-remember name for Professor Engel's website. Authors Ink, Inc. is still the company behind ProfessorEngel.com. You may see remnants of AuthorsInk.com, "Authors Ink" and "Authors Ink, Inc" until we move everything over to the new ProfessorEngel.com website.