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CDs Very handy to listen to in your car, home, or on your computer. Over 100 titles now available.
DVDs We have a limited amount of DVDs as they are primarily created with teachers in mind. DVDs can be watched on your television or computer and are especially helpful with children that like visual programs.

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Have "all of Elliot" with a single purchase! Stream 105 audio (and counting) and 12 video (and counting) programs on-demand, on any device, for one subscription price. New content always being added. 
Gift Sets Theme-related CD programs are bundled together in special groupings and packaged in a single convenient gift case complete with its own color cover. Sized and priced to suit every need: three-CD sets, four-CD sets, and now six-CD sets. Or you can choose any 3 or 4 CD programs of your liking to mix-n-match just the right selection. 
Seminars Dr. Engel's seminars provide fascinating biographical information on the author, a thorough analysis of the work being discussed, and a crucial context that places the authors within the time period in which they wrote. Each seminar contains three CDs (about 50 minutes each) in an attractive vinyl album. This is vintage Dr. Engel, carefully restored and digitally enhanced from material recorded years ago. Note: Please forgive audio imperfections due to the vintage nature of the recording.
Gift Guide Need help selecting titles for yourself or gifts for others? Use this handy list of suggestions sorted by theme.