Dropbox Streaming Help Page

Congratulations -- you're part of the future and are ready to stream Elliot's content! Since you are on this page, you must have a link to access a folder of audio files (or a single file if you are a 2-week single-title subscriber) and need a little extra help to play the files.

The audio files are too large to keep on Elliot's website, or to attach to an email. So we have to keep them somewhere else and link you to that online place so you can play the files. The "place" I am using is called Dropbox.   

When you click your link, you will be taken to the Dropbox website, where you will see Elliot's logo at the top of the screen, and below that, the file(s) in the folder.   
Note: Dropbox may first ask you if you want to install their app for free ("Get a better view with our mobile app"). It won't hurt anything to do this, but I recommend that you decline by choosing "Or continue to website".     
Once you are successfully on the Dropbox web page with Elliot's logo at the top, click on the file name you want to play. Each file is shown with an icon with vertical gray lines and the file name underneath. 
The Dropbox audio player will appear. It looks like this:   
To play the file, click the play button on the black bar at the bottom. While it is playing, you can skip forward or back by clicking the gray vertical bars.
Hope this helps. Let Darian know if you still have trouble. Enjoy!