All Access Frequently Asked Questions



I just paid for my subscription. How do I access the content?

Access is not immediate. Darian has to set up your customer profile. This will usually happen within one business day, often much sooner. While you’re waiting, make sure you have an account set up on More about your account below.



I understand I need an account on ProfessorEngel to access the content. How do I know if I already have an account? How do I set up and log into my account?

Don’t worry, Darian created a help page just for you. It’s under the All Access drop down menu, and you can also see it here:



How will I know when Darian has gotten me set up to access the content?

Darian will email you to let you know. You can also log into your account and see if the green link has appeared on the right hand side. The green link will say “Click here to access Elliot's content (expires month day year)”.



My internet connection is weak. Can I download the content to my device?

No. Currently you must have an internet connection to play the content. This may change as technology evolves, but our current setup does not allow downloading.



How will I know when there’s new content added? What do I have to do to access it?

You are on our special All Access subscriber’s email list, so you will receive an email altering you whenever new content is available. You don’t have to do anything! The new content will appear when you click your green link, either in a new folder or in one of the existing folders.



How do I play the audio files on my car stereo?

You must connect your phone or other device to your car stereo according to your stereo’s instructions. Usually this is via Bluetooth connection. Once they are connected, just play the content on your device like you normally would, and the sound will play on your connected stereo. Road trip with Elliot!



How do I play the video files on my TV?

You must either connect your computer or other device to your TV via a physical HDMI cable, or cast the device to your TV using Chromecast, screen mirroring, or other method. See your TV’s instruction manual to determine the best way for you.