Are you a teacher who is now having to pivot to online education? Would you love to use Elliot's programs in your curriculum? We want to help you.
Elliot's biggest soft spot -- well, after Mr. Dickens! -- has always been for teachers. After all, he is a teacher. We would love to make things a little easier for teachers -- and their students -- during this difficult time.
If you are a current teacher (online, in-person, home school), we would love to include you on our special list and make Elliot's content (audio and video) available to you online at no charge.
Please note that this generous gift from the Professor is for current teachers and their students only. Please do not share the link with others, and direct your teacher friends to come here to sign up for access. Thanks.
If you are new to this program, please fill out this short form to join our special teacher group. 
Darian will be in touch to get you connected!
*Note: If you have signed up for this program in previous years, please send a quick email to Darian ( and ask to be renewed. The above link is temporarily out of order for teachers who are already in our system.