What People Are Saying About Professor Engel

"With each spoken word, Dr. Elliot Engel brings literature and history to life. He is not only an academic, he is an artist. For those unfamiliar with his work, do yourself a favor and get a few CDs. You will learn a lot -- and you will laugh a lot. And when you go to parties, you will seem a lot smarter than you actually are. God knows it worked for me."
-Stephen Chbosky, author of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, screenwriter of the 2017 live movie version of "Beauty and the Beast", and director/co-writer of the hit movie "WONDER"

"Professor Elliot Engel is quite possibly the most insightful, personable, and entertaining academic lecturer to come out of academia in the last fifty years. His witty, engaging speaking style imparts hard, factual information while leaving his audiences virtually spellbound punctuated by periods of laughter and flashes of insight."
-Wisconsin Bookwatch

"Dr. Engel’s humor, cogent presentation, organization, and sheer charm captivate every audience. He makes great writers and other topics accessible to everyone, inspiring the acts of reading, listening, and literacy. We need not despair the demise of culture so long as this man shares his gifts."
-Liz, Retired English Instructor

"Dr. Engel revives the genius of my great-grandfather--and every other author he touches! Each program is brilliantly funny and full of fascinating information."
-Cedric Charles Dickens, Charles Dickens' Great-grandson

"Professor Elliot Engel is a scholar and performer whose infectious enthusiasm and radiant wit create an imaginative and delightful presentation."
-Video File Magazine

"I thoroughly enjoy Dr. Engel’s work both in CD and his in-person performances for their insight, originality, humor and his fascinating presentation style and delivery!"
-Ted, President/CEO Restaurant Corporation

"Good storytellers are rare these days; Paul Harvey, Charles Kuralt, and Andy Rooney are just a few that come to mind. Add to this illustrious list Elliot Engel, a most remarkable professor... These stories deserve to be told with the respect and detail that Elliot Engel provides."
-Video Librarian

"There’s nothing I enjoy more than reading a good book, accompanied by Dr. Engel’s recorded programs. I hang on his every word, and I’ve come away from every talk with at least one memorable nugget that I can recall the rest of my life. Elliot makes authors and distant works come alive. My boyfriend considered most literature dull until he heard Elliot—now he quotes Dickens and Thackeray!"
-Linda, Software Development Manager

Both entertaining and educational, the programs tie in nicely with the English curriculum. It gives students a complete overview of both the actual novel and real influences behind the story."
-Media and Methods Magazine

"Dr. Engel is one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever met. I love his enthusiasm, quick wit, and sense of humor. His programs are entertaining but researched in infinite detail and filled with little known facts which intrigue me."
-Mary Louise, ten-time traveler with Dickens Destinations

"The most painless way to learn that I've ever experienced."
-Jean, Roxboro, N.C.

"Thank you SO MUCH for bringing to life many characters who were just 'names to memorize' before!"
-Emmaday, Charlotte, N.C.

"Professor Engel spoke in my city a few years ago and he was enchanting, funny and stayed to meet us. Lovely man. See him if you can, and enjoy his CDs. What a great way to learn about our favorite authors."
-Patricia, via Facebook