Vintage Seminars by Professor Engel

Dr. Engel's seminars provide fascinating biographical information on the author, a thorough analysis of the work being discussed, and a crucial context that places the authors within the time period in which they wrote. Each seminar contains three CDs (about 50 minutes each) in an attractive case. This is vintage Dr. Engel, carefully restored and digitally enhanced from material recorded years ago. Note: Please forgive audio imperfections due to the vintage nature of the recording.


"I’m collecting Elliot’s seminars one-by-one, and I like them even better than the regular lectures, because they come in three parts, letting me explore an author or work in depth.  I shared excerpts of the Mansfield Park seminar with my book club, and everyone loved it.  We came away with a better appreciation of not only the novel, but of Jane Austen herself.  A true delight for Austen fans as well as the uninitiated who may have wondered what’s so great about this author."   -Linda F., July 2016