The Tortured Genius of Edgar Allan Poe

DVD04 The Tortured Genius of Edgar Allan Poe

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Poe's extraordinary and tragic life and why youth, beauty, women, and death are always found in his haunting fiction and poetry. 55 minutes.

Bonus fun: while watching this DVD, you'll find out:
  • Who shaped Poe's imagination and was the reason for the number- one subject of his writings
  • How Poe's elementary school gave him the settings for many of his future stories
  • The two types of literature Poe invented
  • The famous man who turned Poe's life around and made him famous by inspiring the most popular poem ever published -- and why it is so famous
  • What Poe used to comfort his dying wife when he couldn't afford a blanket
  • How a train layover in Baltimore caused Poe's final downfall and death